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WHY???? ​

Why doesn't anyone talk about all of our badass AMATEUR riders, the way some radio shows talk to and about the pro riders??? SICK RADIO is going to talk to all of the kids and families that spend their time and hard earned money chasing their dream of becoming a PRO MX rider! We will cover all the Amateur National races such as Lorettas, Mini O's, Daytona, Baja Brawl, Freestone, etc... And YES, we will even cover some local racing! SICK

RADIO will interview kids from the 50 classs all the way up to the A class at the track and on the LIVE RADIO SHOW... These kids need more notoriety and publicity for the work they put in all year long!



ENOUGH!!!!! ​

Our EXTREME sports industry has some issues....And it seems that nobody wants to talk about this Opioid (pain pill)/Heroin epedemic that our country is dealing with RIGHT NOW. SICK RADIO is going to talk about SOLUTIONS to this horrible problem that is killing way to many kids! We will interview people from all extreme sports that have struggled with addiction and are trying to change their lives through RECOVERY. We will also open our phone lines to the public for those that may be struggling with addiction as we speak, and give some insight on a solution that will WORK for life! SICK RADIO will focus on the solution to this addiction issue, and not on the problem! Struggling or know someone who is struggling? Call into our show and let us try to help! Have a killer inspirational story for the extreme sports world to hear?? Call in and tell us!

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