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Our vision is to teach those that struggle with addiction how to turn their pain into purpose.  


Our mission is to show everyone that they’re capable of living a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol.  



Sick Recovery was founded by Kevin David Kolb in 2015.  Kevin, who is a recovered drug addict, and alcoholic, has a passion for coaching a fellow addict through a sober living journey. Kevin has been housing and or helping addicts since 2010 and has used Motorsports/MX as a tool for recovery since he started helping others. Sick recovery is serious about making a difference every day, to fight addiction, specifically opiates, and plans to expand its sober living community each year. Over 125 people die from opioid overdose EVERYDAY in our country. That number is growing every year, and we need to do something about it. Sick Recovery wants to help by focusing their efforts in the extreme sports/Motorsports industry.


Our program is constantly evolving to fit the needs of our sober community. We have set a goal to help 30-50 people fully recover from addiction. Our program uses motorcycles as a tool for recovery by having our clients ride a motorcycle at least 3/4 days during the week. You can ride a dirt bike, a four wheeler, or a mini bike. The recovery participants can enjoy outdoor activities as we are located right next to a running trail and lake. Sick Recovery combines recovery work with a Master Addictions Coach in the morning, and evening, a daily program to work on life skills, exercising with a personal trainer, nutrition coaching, fellowship meetings, faith building, gardening, volunteer work, and motorcycles to help you recover from addiction for the last time! Sitting in a room for a couple hours a day discussing drugs and alcohol was not enough for me to recover from my opioid and alcohol addiction, and I am a firm believer in meeting an addict where they are and helping them enjoy their recovery. Addiction has progressed so much over the last 5-7 years that we have to do something different. Too many people are dying everyday. I feel Sick Recovery is going to help the people that need something different than the typical recovery program."

Kevin David Kolb

Founder of Sick Recovery/Sick Recovery Racing



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