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Sick Recovery provides a long term residential program of up to 180 days for individuals who are trying to stop using or have recently stopped drugs/alcohol and are ready to participate in a structured living community.

Sick Recovery’s program is uniquely designed to help addicts recover for the last time. The residential program is set in a structured, sober environment, with an emphasis on a balanced mental, physical and spiritual; life in recovery. Traditional addiction recovery work is combined with a strict daily schedule that focuses on life skills, physical exercise, nutrition, community service, fellowship meetings and faith building. All residents of the program are expected to be active participants in their own recovery.

Residents also have the opportunity access to community resources such as self-help groups, faith building and gym access.

Sick Recovery’s philosophy is that part of a successful recovery is to have the ability to earn a living after graduating from the program. Presently, there are opportunities for individuals who have reached the transitional stage (4 months) to further their education and learn a trade skill.

Sick Recovery offers:

  • Hands-on education in heavy equipment operation through MX track building and prepping.

  • A full digital graphic design and printing set-up to teach design, printing, vehicle wrapping, and application of motocross graphics.

  • Opportunities in social media marketing and promotion through Sick Recovery’s recovering addict run media.

As we grow, more opportunities will come to those who get to the transitional stage (4 months) and begin to learn a trade to further their education and career to prepare for living on their own again.

Helping addicts enjoy their recovery is the distinctive difference between Sick Recovery’s program and the typical mainstream program. Sick Recovery Racing provides the opportunity for riders in recovery to experience races under the supervision of a recovery community and coach. Not a rider? That’s OK. Sick Recovery Racing allows non-riders to experience new places, practice team building, and learn new skills, together as a race team without leaving the therapeutic safe community that the program provides.

We are here to answer your question, hear your story and help you determine if Sick Recovery is the right fit for your recovery. If you would like to speak to someone, call Kevin and get more information at 484-219-5949 or email us at All calls are confidential.

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