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Please take a minute and watch a short video about our program, and help us spread our word. Donations to our program can be made on the Donate page. Thank you so much

-Kevin David Kolb

Sick Recovery Racing

Helping addicts enjoy their recovery is the distinctive difference between Sick Recovery’s program and the typical mainstream program. One of the key concepts that Kevin employs in his “enjoying recovery” philosophy is using motorcycles as a tool for recovery. Kevin has been using motorsports/MX as a tool for recovery since he started helping others in 2010.

Studies show that riding motorcycles, both on and off-road, have both physical and mental health benefits. In 2010, Tohoku University in Japan jointly with Yamaha, conducted research in to the relationship between brain stimulation and riding motorcycles. The study found that daily riding is beneficial for improving various cognitive functions and for reducing mental stress. Motorcycle riding releases endorphins which improve moods. Simple as that.

Sick Recovery Racing is a feature of the program that encourages clients to ride up to 3/4 times a week at SRR in Leesport, PA. The program provides dirt bikes, mini-bikes, non motorized road and trail bikes for their clients to use. Clients do not need to be professional or experienced riders. We are located along Grings mill trail, near the creek and lake where there is opportunity to run, bike, canoe, fish, and other outdoor activities. 

The extreme sports industry is losing way too many young athletes to drug addiction. We feel that the MX Industry and Community has a severe lack of knowledge in dealing with addiction when it has a hold on a loved one. We can, and will change this if we work together!

Since its debut at the 2016 Loretta Lynn's MX , Sick Recovery Racing has been providing the opportunity for riders in recovery to experience races under the supervision of a recovery community and coach. The Sick Recovery Racing team attends racing events throughout the year to raise awareness for addiction recovery and our program!

Not a rider? That’s OK. Sick Recovery Racing allows non-riders to experience new places, practice team building, and learn new skills, together as a race team without leaving the therapeutic safe community that the program

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